Solehøyden, Norway

The star-shaped apartment buildings around Oslo were designed by NUNO arkitektur AS. The building complex impresses with its outstanding design.

Building Location
Vestby, Norway
Project type
Project size
NUNO arkitektur AS
Sole Bolig AS
Hersleth Entreprenør AS
Products used
Wigluv® 60, Sicrall® 60, Rissan® 60

A great solution for a challenging building detail

The two apartment buildings in Vestby are characterised not only by their design, but also by the use of high-quality materials. The eye-catcher here is the façade. The façade panels flow into a plastered "ceiling element". The connection between the floor-to-ceiling windows and the ceiling element confronted the construction company Hersleth Entreprenør AS with a number of challenges, as the drainage had to be correctly regulated and no standing water was allowed. 

Such a construction detail requires a robust and high quality adhesive tape for the window sill area. Rissan 430 grey, specially developed for such applications, was used on all window elements on a living area of 4585m2.

We spoke with Remi Hansen, project manager at Hersleth Entreprenør AS. He and his team were responsible for the planning and execution of the project.

"What challenges did you and your team face during the project?

We had a facade consisting of both HPL (High pressure laminated) facade panels and plastered stripes in the floor divisions. The plaster strip extends further out than the HPL panels and meets the window sills horizontally at the bottom. In order to lead water from the facade panels out on the plastering and secure the wooden construction it was recommended to use a fully adhesive watertight membrane on this detail, as well as inside all window sills.

We had to find a good solution that takes care of this structure.

How could SIGA help you with this challenge?

SIGA stopped by and was as usual eager to show off the new product (Rissan grey). When we saw this tape we immediately thought that it could be perfect to use on the detail described above.

What was your main reason for using Rissan 430 grey on this construction site?

In order to be able to solve the described details of the construction! All alternatives would include several work operations and more use of material. By using Rissan Grey we could solve this with one product in one fast operation. After an overall assessment, we wanted to use Rissan grey.

What do you particularly appreciate about SIGA products?

«The Quality»

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