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Log Cabin Envelope MakeoverLog cabin on the US-Canadian border gets a building-envelope retrofit, which encompassed removing the existing log walls, windows, and doors all while working around the homeowner and his indoor cat.
12/17/2020| JLC - Journal of Light Construction

SIGA appears on the Unbuild It PodcastKen Kiefer, Director of SIGA's High-Performance Construction Academy, speaks with architect and podcast host Steve Baczek and Peter Yost about vapor control and the SIGA Majrex 200. 
9/17/2020| Unbuild It Podcast

Using theatrical fog to see air leakage of houseVermont-based home-performance consultants, Jim Bradley and Chris West, used a high-volume theatrical fog machine to fog the interior of the newly-built Moulton Farm House.
9/3/2020| JLC - Journal of Light Construction

SIGA Fentrim 430 grey review | Sealing walls to foundationTodd Usher, founder of Addison Homes, demonstrates why he is using SIGA's Fentrim 430 grey to seal the walls of his building to the foundation. 
8/13/2020| Addison Homes

NEI Partners on Finch CambridgeNEI General Contracting and ICON Architecture announced that work is progressing on the Finch Cambridge project on behalf of Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (HRI) located at 671 Concord Ave. This is the largest new multi-family affordable housing development in Cambridge in 40 years.
7/28/2020| High Profile

Dave Cooper attends an Airtightness Workshop at the SIGA High-Performance Construction AcademyDave Cooper, founder of Dave Cooper Live, discovers how easy it is to create an air and weathertight building envelope by attending SIGA's Airtightness Workshop. 
7/8/2020| Dave Cooper Live

Finch Cambridge: New England's largest multi-family passive housing buildingDiscover how the team came together to create a landmark building in the Boston metro area and what they were able to achieve.
3/25/2020| Passive House Buildings Spring 2020 issue

NESEA interview: Finch Cambridge passive house affordable housingWhat went into making Finch Cambridge the largest, passive house, affordable housing project in New England to date. Learn from the experts on the project, including Michelle Apigian (Icon Architecture), James Petersen (Petersen Engineering) and Tom Chase (New Ecology). 
3/10/2020| Passive House Accelerator

First “passive building” residence hall in Massachusetts, designed by SGA at Wheaton College, cuts operating costs by 50 percentRGA announced that Massachusetts’ first “Passive House” Residence Hall is certified with PHIUS (Passive House Institute US Certified), indicating top energy performance. Since it opened in August 2019, operating costs have been cut by 50%.
2/28/2020| Boston Real Estate Times

This 5000 sf Canadian House can basically be heated with a hairdryer! In this video Matt Risinger got to tour a 5000 square foot Canadian home that's built so tightly and has such great windows & insulation that it can be heated with 1500 watts! Anytime you build a ultra-high performance home (including Passive Houses) one major key to success is the walls & windows. 
1/24/2020| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Super cold climate build outside a Canadian ski resortMatt Risinger drove North from Vancouver BC up to Whistler to see how Builders are working in this seriously cold climate! In this first house you’ll see an Insulated Concrete Foundation, Foundation Waterproofing, and some cold weather job shack tips. Enjoy! 
12/25/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Insulation and piping Matt Risinger has never seen beforeIn this video, Matt visits long-term Build Show fan, Stu with Blackfish Homes in Vancouver, BC to see what he's working on.
12/20/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Lessons from the North. Build Show is in CanadaIn this special Canadian Build Show, Matt Risinger heads up to Vancouver BC to tour some High Performance Builds. You’ll see some crazy thick insulation details, a pre-heater that uses a sewer line to heat up near freezing incoming water, and some great Passive House details. 
12/17/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Cambridge's 'passive house' is built with focus on affordable housing, climate change When construction is finished in Spring 2020, Finch Cambridge will become the city's largest affordable housing project built in the last 40 years.
12/13/2019| 90.9 WBUR

SIGA High-Performance Construction Academy opens to address skilled labor shortageSIGA’s vision is for a world of zero-energy loss buildings. Today we’re taking our commitment further, by opening the SIGA High-Performance Construction Academy.
11/4/2019| SIGA press release

SIGA rep from Switzerland visits a Vancouver jobsiteSandro meets with Andrew and Christian from SIGA about the Wigluv Tape on the Majvest building wrap and how it compares to other tape products on the market. 
8/15/2019| Abstract Homes and Renovations

SIGA building wrap reviewSandro talks with SIGA Building Wrap rep Andrew Luck about the incredible benefits of using this construction material in custom home building. 
6/19/2019| Abstract Homes and Renovations

Majvest exceeds Canadian building code requirementsBuilding in Canada? Recent testing and evaluations have determined that the SIGA Majvest exceeds Canadian Building Code requirements.
5/14/2019| SIGA press release

BCIT & West Coast Innovation Labs discuss what goes into a passive house window installationFind out what goes into a Passive House window installation on this episode of West Coast Innovations Lab. 
4/22/2019| BCIT & West Coast Innovation Labs

How SIGA Majrex works at our NS Builders Newton renovationMike Hume from NS Builders walks us through his Newton renovation and talks about shear walls, pocket door kits, curbless showers and the SIGA-Majrex, a smart vapor retarder that we use in conjunction with mineral wool insulation to avoid using spray foam. 
4/9/2019| NS Builders

SIGA wins Hygrobrid® technology patent challengeThe European Patent Office ruled in favor of SIGA in a major patent and intellectual property case, EP2759403. The court found that SIGA’s Hygrobrid® technology used in industry innovations such as the SIGA Majrex® is completely new and claims against the originality have been rejected.
2/21/2019| SIGA press release

On site with MajrexWith any moisture-control strategy, it’s critical to control both air transport and diffusion of vapor, and to avoid discontinuities in the materials. Learn how this builder used Majrex to achieve smart vapor control.
9/5/2018| JLC - Journal of Light Construction

Traveling builder? Book a room in this cool Swiss high-performance B&BMatt will give you a behind the scenes tour of this beautiful 1880's Catholic Orphanage that's been turned into a Guest House for SIGA. This old building has been transformed into a modern & high performance building and we'll show off the details that were uniquely Swiss. 
2/14/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Understanding air and vapor barriers inside your houseIn this episode of the Build Show we are discussing vapor barriers. When and where do you need them, how to install them, and the importance of air sealing on the inside of your house especially in cold climates.
2/12/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Swiss building sections explainedThe Swiss buildings Matt and the Build Show visited were mainly wood framed, but they build very differently. When Matt was visiting a window factory he found a super cool full sized building section mockup that shows standard Swiss building techniques. 
1/29/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Swiss modular home - under construction tour Join Matt and The Build Show as they get a behind the scenes tour of an incredibly well built Swiss modular home.
1/25/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Typical American windows are illegal here?! In this episode, Matt and Jordan visit a Swiss Window manufacturer (AND Home Building Company) Holzbau Bucher to see how their windows differ from typical American windows. The results might surprise you!
1/22/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

This Swiss building blew me away! All wood and concrete - no insulationThe  Kung Holz Bau is building a new office space, and turns out.. IT'S ALL WOOD, with a concrete center for stairs. It's the coolest building Matt has ever been in.
1/18/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

This Swiss builder uses no insulation...Matt and Jordan visit a Cross Laminated Timber company, Kung Holzbau, in Switzerland. We were blown away by these factory-built all Wood homes. Even the nails are made of wood in the 8” or 16” thick walls they build with no traditional insulation. 
1/15/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

How do they build in Switzerland? Residential, commercial and a barn!The Build Show is in Switzerland for a Siga conference but we got a chance to see some job sites before the event begins.
1/11/2019| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Blokable's quest to disrupt prefabCan a Seattle startup help solve our affordable housing crisis? SIGA's self adhered WRB, the Majvest 500 SA, is tested as Blokable's building envelope solution.
7/16/2018| Architect Magazine

A one-way vapor barrier?Majrex is an advanced vapor control membrane that not only adjusts to variable humidity like Intello and MemBrain, but actually has a greater moisture permeability in one direction than in the other. 
4/3/2018| JLC - Journal of Light Construction

Sealing the foundation to the framingWhen it comes to air-sealing, one of the areas that we rarely see done well is the joint between the foundation and the framing. So what works?
4/4/2017| JLC - Journal of Light Construction

High-performance insulated wall retrofitsVapor-open assemblies correct durability and comfort problems while saving energy.
9/22/2016| JLC - Journal of Light Construction

Quaker ‘passive house’ school is first of its kind in MaineThe Cumberland structure will have almost no energy costs and uses a design expected to become more widespread.
4/23/2015| Portland Press Herald

Tight house construction - sealing exterior sheathing seamsTo reach his goal of 1ACH50 Matt Risinger has decided to take a page from the Passive House playbook and tape his exterior sheathing seams. Read on to learn why and how to install for best results.
1/5/2014| JLC - Journal of Light Construction

Backyard tape test: 10 months laterTo sort the hype from the facts, Martin Holiday asked a number of builders about their favorite tapes, then tested 11 recommended products. 
1/1/2014| Fine Home Building

Air sealing OSB - Siga Wigluv tape Matt Risinger gives us a rundown on air sealing OSB and how he is creating an airtight building envelope on his projects. 
12/14/2013| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Air sealing - Siga Wigluv tape first look Matt Risinger walks us through why he enjoys SIGA Wigluv tape.  
12/14/2013| Build Show with Matt Risinger

Backyard tape test: An unscientific - but telling - trial of air-sealing tapesTo sort the hype from the facts, Martin Holiday asked a number of builders about their favorite tapes, then tested 11 recommended products. 
5/1/2013| Fine Home Building

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