We strive for a world of zero energy loss buildings.

High energy losses today

There are many small gaps or leaks in a building envelope, which allows heat and cooled air to constantly escape.

Major heating requirements

Powerful heating systems are required to maintain a room temperature at 68°F in winter because of constant heat escaping.

Major cooling requirements

Over the next 30 years, 10 air conditioning units will be purchased every second globally. Powerful air conditioning systems are required to keep spaces at a comfortable 75°F because of constant cool air escaping.

Leaking buildings intensify climate change

Inefficient buildings create high CO2 emissions, which intensifies the greenhouse effect and accelerates global warming and the threat of climate change.


SIGA develops and produces high-performance products free of toxins that are resistant to aging and provide an airtight seal for buildings of all types.

4 major advantages of airtight buildings

1. Greater living comfort

Live without drafts. Airtight buildings keep heat and cold outside, as well as traffic noise and air pollution.

2. Save money, protect the climate

Energy consumption for heating and cooling of an airtight building is significantly lower than traditional structures, and as a result, reduces climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

3. Preserve value

Airtight buildings are protected from wind, rain, drifting snow, insects and building damage caused by condensation and mold.

4. Active house feasible

The low energy consumption of an airtight building facilitates self-sufficiency with renewable energy. That’s how easy it is to turn a building into an active building.

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