Our contribution to society 

Because we are able to enable others. 

Long-standing cooperation

For over 25 years now, SIGA has been supporting the San Francisco School in Santa Teresa, Nicaragua. Together with other supporters, we make sure that approximately 300 children receive education, food and school supplies.

History of the San Francisco School

25 years ago, Yamilet Fonseca Telléz, a young woman from the village of Santa Teresa, and Sister Gabriela Schwizer came into contact with numerous “problem” children who had to leave the state school in their first year. The two women founded a school for children with learning difficulties. By using game-type activities, they helped the children build up their self-esteem so that gradually the kids were able to manage their school tasks.

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Help for the poorest 

Situation in Nicaragua

Although the economic situation in Nicaragua has improved over the past ten years, it still remains one of the poorest countries in South America. For children in need, education and the chance it offers to lead a better life is not something they can take for granted.

The Christmas Present

Instead of giving a Christmas present to our customers and partners, SIGA makes a donation to the school every year.

«This school is a safe place for children from difficult backgrounds, where they can study in peace but can also just enjoy being kids.»
Elisabeth Hischier, President Partnerschaft mit Santa Teresa Association 

Gallery: a school day in Nicaragua 

Help us 

If you would like to contribute to creating better living conditions for Santa Teresa’s school children, please make a donation to the Partnerschaft mit Santa Teresa, Nicaragua.

Direct donation to the Partnerschaft mit Santa Teresa Association, Nicaragua 

Please make payments to the postal account no. 40-027179-3 or
IBAN CH50 0076 9016 2099 4257 1 

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