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You can download the latest documents and images below.

Product Data Sheets


Images, logos and CAD layouts

In our image database, you can find the latest logos, product images, key visuals and CAD layouts.

Terms of use for images and logos

  • Property and editing: All images and logos available in this database are owned by SIGA. Any images and logos you download may only be used unchanged. Any changing, editing, redesigning, manipulation or any other modification of the images and logos is prohibited without SIGA’s express written permission. 
  • Purpose of use and limitations: The images and logos may only be used in connection with SIGA products or contents dealing with related themes, such as air- and windproofing. Any other use, especially forging copyrighted materials by means of editing, photographic reproduction or other methods, is prohibited. Reducing the image size to optimise the loading time is permitted. 
  • Use and distribution: Authorised customers and retailers may only use these assets in connection with selling SIGA products; when doing so, they must adhere to the guidelines or conditions stipulated by SIGA. Any further use or distribution, including editing any of SIGA’s media, is prohibited. The CAD layouts may be used in CAD software.


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