Corporate culture

We want to inspire people with our values.

Family tradition

SIGA was founded in 1966 by Paul and Trudy Sieber-Gadient. Their sons Reto and Marco Sieber have been focusing on globalizing SIGA since 1990. In the third generation, their children want to further develop the family business.

Team management

A team of four specialists is responsible for senior management.

Peter Scherrer

Daniel Schmid

Stefan Schaab

Jan-Christoph Arnold


Across the world, 625 SIGA employees and several thousand craftsman customers are passionate about realising the SIGA vision of a world of zero energy loss buildings.

Develop talents

Our young talents are the key to global growth. 90% of our executives come from within our own ranks.

Unique products

Our research and development team “camps out” at building sites until we understand everything we need to know. This is how we develop unique products with the builder in mind. All SIGA products are manufactured by ourselves in Switzerland.

Continuous improvement

Our employees are our best business consultants. Every employee, regardless of their position, can actively optimize all aspects of our company. As a clear commitment to this culture, every 10th work day is solely used to improve the status quo and daily business is suspended.

Mistakes are treasures

We are committed to learning from our mistakes. If someone at SIGA makes a mistake, they share it with everyone and they receive applause rather than judgement. This prevents us from making this mistake again.

Latest technologies

We are curious. We test and use the latest technologies, such as robotics, driverless transport systems, 3D printing, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc. in our effort to achieve our vision of a world of zero energy loss buildings.

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