Haus am Schottentor renovation, Austria

The roof of the historic and listed building was renovated. It was all about solving a challenging problem from a construction physics perspective.

Building Location
Wien, Austria
Project type
Project size
9 000 m²
HNP architects ZT GmbH
Lindner Gmbh
Products used
Majrex®, Primur® tubular bag / cartridge, Rissan®, Sicrall®
“The particular challenge was to find a solution that works from a construction physics perspective. SIGA Majrex® 200 particularly recommended itself here.”
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Wolf, Head of Construction Physics, Buschina & Partner ZT GmbH

Renovation of the roof and construction physics challenges

Haus am Schottentor in Vienna was built in the 1910s. The listed bank building with its magnificently decorated and well maintained historic rooms is now sensitively brought into the modern era with a new utilisation concept. 9,000 m² of offices and co-working space are springing up in the historic building.

The roof of the listed building had been renovated multiple times in the past. The roof was originally built to be highly vapour-proof, as was the standard at the time. Solving the construction physics requirements was the job of Buschina & Partner Ziviltechniker GmbH. The particular challenge lay in the fact that

  • the outer shell of the building cannot be altered
  • a solution that worked from a construction physics perspective had to be found for the attic conversion with interior thermal insulation

Working efficiently thanks to the Hygrobrid vapour control layer

Buschina & Partner contacted SIGA for a calculation pertaining to construction physics for SIGA Majrex® 200 and thus solved a large part of the problem already. As a unique directional, intelligent vapour barrier, Majrex is ideal for the demanding requirements of the project. Furthermore, the installer was also happy with the choice that was made. Florin-Marcel-Ghiurau, Senior Fitter at Lindner GmbH said:

Majrex® 200 was a real relief for us in its installation. Its dimensional stability allowed us to work quickly and easily on the aluminium supporting structure of the interior construction. Really great!

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