SIGA whistleblowing system

At SIGA, we are committed to ethical business practices and compliance with all laws. Continuous improvement and the appreciation of mistakes as valuable learning tools are anchored in SIGA’s culture. For this reason, SIGA has established a reporting office to which whistleblowers can confidentially report explicit information about legal violations and infringements of rules. This is in line with EU Directive 2019/1937.

Who can be a whistleblower?

Internal and external individuals (employees, applicants, former employees, suppliers, customers, etc.)

What are the possible reasons for whistleblowing under EU Directive 2019/1937?

Corruption, antitrust law and money laundering offenses and violations of technical specifications or violations of environmental regulations, violations of labour law, etc.

Will the whistleblower be protected?

Yes, the protected parties are:

• Whistleblowers

• People who are the subject of a report

• People who are affected by a report

People with a duty of confidentiality such as doctors or lawyers are excepted from this.

These people must be protected against dismissal, demotion, and other discrimination.

What will happen to the whistleblower?

The SIGA reporting office keeps the identity of the whistleblower and persons who are the subject of a report or who are otherwise named in the report confidential. However, it reserves the right to pass the report on to the responsible division (e.g. accounting) in order to clarify the evidence directly with the responsible department.

How does SIGA react to incoming information?

SIGA will initiate follow-up measures within an appropriate time frame (generally 3 months) and will provide the whistleblower with feedback about the follow-up measures.

To report a concrete legal violation or infringement of the rules, please complete the form.

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