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How does the application process work?

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Do I identify with the company's vision?

50% of global energy consumption is used for heating and cooling buildings (79% of which is covered by fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas). 10% would be enough if most of the heated or cooled indoor air did not escape from leaky roofs, walls and windows.

At SIGA, we strive for a world of zero energy loss buildings. SIGA produces an all-round tight, energy-efficient building envelope consisting of membranes, sealing tapes and sealants sold globally. Today, more than 600 employees in 24 countries work towards realising this vision and new employees join us every week.

Which documents (in PDF) should I enclose with my application?

A carefully designed, complete, and error-free application is the first step to success. Your application dossier includes:

  • Motivation letter: We are curious about what drives you professionally.
  • Something I’m proud of: We are curious to know what professional achievements you are particularly proud of.
  • These are the results of my work: What results have you achieved in your professional career? We are curious to see your examples or work samples.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Work references
  • Education/training certificates
  • Other certificates relevant to the job

How should I organise my CV?

It is worth compiling your CV carefully. Clarity, completeness, and relevance of the content are important. This includes:

  • Contact details: Address, e-mail, telephone number
  • Chronological list of your education, training, and work experience
  • Language and IT skills

What do I do before and during the interview?

  • Plan enough time before the interview and arrive on time
  • Stay calm if the technology doesn't work straight away
  • Think about how you will briefly introduce yourself
  • Speak openly and be authentic
  • Give us specific examples of your skills and characteristics and answer questions in a concise manner
  • Ask remaining questions so that you have all necessary information
  • Dress casually but professionally; you should feel comfortable

What can I expect in the video interview?

The video interview will take around 60 minutes. We will clarify mutual expectations, gain insights into your professional qualifications and discuss your CV. Of course, we will present the position in more detail and address your questions.

What can I expect at the personal interview?

This is the first real meeting between you and the HR manager.

In this interview, we would like to examine your professional skills. We will focus more specifically on your qualifications to ensure that you have the necessary expertise and skills.

In addition to the technical interview, we want to assess the alignment of your personality and the philosophy of SIGA. For this purpose, we will conduct another interview with you, which will be recorded in audio form, without video material. Following the personal meeting on site, the audio recording is transcribed and forwarded to an independent internal committee in anonymised and written form, which will decide on your continuation in our selection process with the greatest possible objectivity.

What can I expect on the trial day?

During the trial day, you will have the chance to get to know your future team and supervisor. This is an opportunity to clarify expectations on both sides, answer open questions and gain insight into your future workplace and day-to-day business. If this final step in the application process is successful, we will move on to finalising the contract.

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Frequently asked Questions

How do I find out about new job openings?

Subscribe to the  Job Alert. You will be informed about new vacancies.

How do I know if my application documents were received by SIGA?

As soon as you have sent the online application form, you'll receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt. If you haven't received a confirmation, we haven't received the application.

I am unable to apply using the online application form. Are there other ways to apply?

Yes. Please send your application documents via e-mail to:

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