House of Wood, Switzerland 

Building responsibly? PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG shows the way: the 6-story wooden building combines the most sustainable materials with innovative technologies. 

Building Location
Sursee, Switzerland
Project type
Project size
marc syfrig architekten eth sia bsa
Haupt AG, Tschopp Holzbau, Hecht Holzbau
Products used
Twinet® 40, Wigluv® black, Majpell® 5, Sicrall® 60, Wigluv®, Rissan®, Corvum®, Majvest® 200 & Majvest® 200 SOB, Primur® tubular bag / cartridge
"Our commitment to the quality of our projects is also reflected in the choice of our suppliers and products. SIGA's sustainable company strategy matches our vision for sustainable building in particular." 
Pirmin Jung, Builder and Chairman of the Executive Board PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG 

Living the ecological vision for the new company headquarters

PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG is the largest engineering firm for timber construction in Switzerland and a pioneer in timber building. Energy-efficient construction and sustainable materials are particularly important to PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG. Toxic substances and artificial solvents were not allowed to be used in the new construction of the company headquarters. The sustainable corporate philosophy of the suppliers was just as important for the selection of products as their quality. 
SIGA is an industry leader in terms of the ecological quality of its products (free of solvents or toxins for the home, resistant to ageing). With its sustainable company philosophy, SIGA is a long-standing partner of PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG when it comes to air- and windtight solutions. 

Role model for the industry

PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG has been accompanying timber construction projects in structural design, building physics and fire protection for years. With the new construction of the company headquarters in Sursee, Switzerland, it was clear that the project had to meet the company's own demands for quality, sustainability and technologies. Specially planned by PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG and architect Marc Syfrig, the company headquarters has a special radiance. It embodies the company's vision for the timber construction of the future. 

The new six-storey building is being constructed in a prominent location near the railway station in Sursee. The building will be constructed as a service and residential building in future-oriented, energy-efficient timber system construction. 80% of the building will be office and commercial use, the rest will be residential use. The building will be constructed according to the principles of the circular economy C2C and is registered for certification according to SNBS (Standard Sustainable Building Switzerland) and MINERGIE-P-Eco.

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