Îlot Bois, France 

The cross-laminated timber aka CLT building in Strasbourg is part of the national French EcoCité programme. The 146 apartments and shops inside benefit from the cross-laminated timber plate construction and the passive energy gain it produces. 

Building Location
Strasbourg, France
Project type
Commercial, Residential
Project size
9.605 m² 
KOZ architects 
Eiffage construction 
AltiBois Construction, Platrerie Cilia SN, Menuiserie Hunsinger  
Products used
Majpell® 25, Sicrall® 60, Rissan® 60, Fentrim® IS 20, Wigluv® 60

Organic and ecological

The first building is called «Sensations» suggesting impressions and perceptions. This will be the first residential building whose floors, facades, lift shafts and stairways will be completely made of wood. It is the showcase model of the Îlot Bois project which will be built with organic and ecological materials.

Contribution to a healthy interior climate

The concept of the building puts much weight on a good air quality inside the apartments, which is why mainly low-pollution materials have been used. It is a well-known fact that SIGA products fit this bill perfectly because none of them contains any plasticisers or solvents.

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