Mjøstårnet, Norway

Local resources, local suppliers and sustainable wood-based materials were the requirements for this 18-storey building in Brumunddal. Located 140 km north of Oslo, Mjøstårnet is tallest cross laminated timber (CLT) building in the world and is celebrated by the international construction industry as a first-class engineering achievement.

Building Location
Brumunddal, Norway
Project type
Commercial, Residential
Project size
11.300 m²
Voll Arkitekter AS
AB invest AS
Ringsaker Vegg- og Takelementer AS (RVT), EFC Norge AS
Products used
Corvum® 12/48, Dockskin® 100, Fentrim® 20 50/85, Rissan® 100 & 150, Sicrall® 60, Wigluv® 60, Wigluv® black
"What made the cooperation with SIGA so special for us? Fast delivery periods, super-quality products and the fact that SIGA employees are always available to answer questions. Your adhesive tapes bond even in negative temperatures."
Hans Ivar Bentdal, Assembly Manager, Ringsaker Vegg- og Takelementer AS (RVT)

Sustainability is our fist priority

Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal, Norway, designed by Voll Arkitekter is the third-tallest building in Norway and also the tallest timber building in the world. The area around Brumunddal is well-known for its forestry and timber industry, a fact that adds much to the sustainability of the project, since the material could be sourced from less than a kilometre away and processed within a distance of just fifteen kilometres. 

With regard to air and windtight materials, building contractor RVT chose to fully rely on SIGA, the tried and tested partner from Switzerland, knowing that we also put much emphasis on sustainability. Norway is one of the countries where processing the material at temperatures below zero is particularly important. These properties of SIGA’s adhesive tapes and the possibility to contact SIGA at any time were crucial to RVT.

Lab-based quality test

In order to assure the air and windtight quality of the SIGA products, our laboratory in Ruswil extensively tested samples of the cross-laminated timber (CLT) material used for the project. A coat of special paint was applied to retain the rough look of the CLT (cross laminated timber) in the Mjøstårnet building project. SIGA then certified the successfully tested adhesive strength in writing and approved its use for the project.

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