Detached house, Bulgaria

This house in Bulgaria had hardly any insulation and was not airtight. D1 Construction was able retroactively create an airtight building envelope with SIGA products.

Building Location
s. Veselie, Burgas, Bulgaria
Project type
Project size
Stefan Tangolov
Ivon & Daniel Chiflishki
Installer, GEA STROY LTD
Products used
Corvum® 30/30, Dockskin®, Fentrim® 2, Fentrim® 20, Fentrim® IS 20, Majpell® 5, Primur®, Rissan® 60, Sicrall® 60
«I am 150% satisfied with the SIGA products and the quality! Everything is perfect. Thank you, SIGA!»     
Dmitry Yudin, Owner of D1 Construction, PH Consultant

This beautiful house near Burgas in Bulgaria was originally planned and built without an airtight envelope and with insufficient insulation. Construction took almost four years and seemed like it would have a sad ending because the building contractor had previously given no thought to heating and cooling.

Problem identified, made airtight

Then “” came into the picture and immediately recognised what needed to be done. Wherever possible, the building insulation was reinforced, then “” integrated more than ten SIGA products into the house in order to make it airtight. Passive house consultant and owner of “”, Dmitry Yudin, is delighted by the happy ending to this construction story.

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