ElbAir Hamburg, Germany

The architecturally impressive and sustainable Airbus service centre holds a DGNB silver certificate. Tailor-made Fentrim adhesive tapes were used for the low-energy building.

Building Location
Hamburg, Germany
Project type
Project size
20.600 m²
prasch buken partner architekten bda
Property Team AG
Ronge Metall GmbH
Products used
Fentrim® IS 2, Fentrim® IS 20, Meltell® cartridge, Wigluv®
"We greatly valued the support and advice from SIGA Technical Sales, as well as the rapid delivery within a few days. The quality is spot on and the whole package just fits!"
Alexander Demmler, Technical Manager, Ronge Metall GmbH

Low-energy building with DGNB silver certification

The team at Ronge Metallbau GmbH was involved from the beginning of work planning for the project and assumed responsibility for the implementation of the window and metal facades for the three buildings. A challenging task, because it required coordination in parallel with the construction phase and the completion of all three buildings. Originally planned as standard buildings, more stringent requirements for the construction were imposed during the course of the project. The shift to a low-energy building and the goal of achieving DGNB silver certification required adjustments and a more precise approach. The team implemented the following measures to fulfil these new requirements and thus achieve better thermal values:

  • Use of deeper profiles These profiles have an improved U-value and can accommodate thicker glass
  • Change from double glazing to triple glazing
  • Selection of specific profiles and frames

In addition, the team attached great importance to the selection of products in order to comply with the DGNB guidelines.

Saving on materials thanks to tailor-made Fentrim products

The collaboration with SIGA, in particular the use of tailor-made Fentrim adhesive tapes, proved to be beneficial. The Fentrim adhesive tapes were individually produced to Ronge Metall GmbH's specifications. This made it possible to save on materials and avoid mistakes. Support from SIGA’s Technical Sales division on the construction site also proved to be valuable, both for team training and in quality control during the application process for the products.

The ElbAir project impresses not just with its architectural design, but also with its impressive numbers: 3,200 m² of windows, 1,900 m² of post and rail facade and 4,300 m² of curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade that put their stamp on the overall look of the Airbus experience centre.

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