Hôtel du Château des Pères, France

Attaching membranes to the walls of spherical rooms was a challenge. The ideal solution was found following various tests and prototypes.

Building Location
Piré sur Seiche, France
Project type
Project size
1.651 m²
Anthony Rio, Agence Unité
Le Château des Pères, Jean Paul Legendre
Clément Aménagement
Products used
Fentrim® IS 2, Majrex®, Rissan® 60, Rissan® 100 & 150, Sicrall® 170

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Insulating and waterproofing the walls of a sphere, a challenge to be met

The Château des Pères estate, near Rennes, has an unusual hotel. A total of 36 spherical bedrooms – referred to as “Bubble Rooms” – are suspended from a central concrete pole, reminiscent of fruit on a tree. The spherical bedrooms are made using metal structures covered with aluminium sheets. Because these metal walls are sealed to outward diffusion, there is a significant risk of condensation. The installation of membranes on the walls of spherical rooms was a challenge in itself for the teams at Clément Aménagement.

Following consultation with SIGA and various prototypes directly on the construction site, the SIGA Majrex 200 Hygrobrid vapour control layer was ultimately used. It is particularly suitable for critical structures in terms of the physics of the building. The companies also used other SIGA products such as Rissan 60, Rissan 100, Sicrall 170 and Fentrim IS 2.

Hôtel du Château des Pères will also include a spa area with swimming pool, sauna and hammam, currently under construction. The building will open in 2021.

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