La Tour Opale, Switzerland

The Minergie® building in Geneva with 19 floors is the new jewel in the city of Geneva. The glass façade covers 15 200 m² of living and retail space.

Building Location
Geneva, Switzerland
Project type
Commercial, Residential
Project size
17 485 m²
Lacaton & Vassal
​SBB Real Estate
Products used
Dockskin® 200, Fentrim® IS 2, Fentrim® IS 20
«Our company has never completed such a large and important project before. We are grateful towards SIGA for its support services, its flexibility and advice.» 
Fabrizio Carchia, Project manager & calculator, SVS SA, Nyon

In close cooperation between the Canton of Geneva and the Swiss Railway SBB, an urban centre is being created on the SBB Chêne-Bourg station site. The lighthouse project is the residential and commercial tower called OPALE. The building is 19 storeys high and the façade is completely made of glass.

Difficult conditions, great solution

The OPALE Tower is the third highest building in the city of Geneva. The construction schedule of the building had to be coordinated with the "Leman Express" project. It was built under difficult conditions, such as time pressure and bad weather. All air and windtightness requirements were solved with SIGA Fentrim. The good reputation of the adhesive tape in the metal construction industry was once again confirmed.

From planning to implementation

SIGA helped the general contractor to work out the technical details: which SIGA products are suitable for the construction project, which functionalities are required? Afterwards questions of fire safety had to be clarified and finally we took care of the trouble shooting directly on the construction site to eliminate last uncertainties on site.

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