Lake Oswego City Hall, USA

Lake Oswego's new City Hall provides a seismically safe, energy-efficient, and better functioning building for the community and city staff. The building houses city hall, the police department, and other critical city departments.   

Building Location
Lake Oswego, United States
Project type
Project size
73,000 sq ft
Howard S Wright Construction
Westerm Partitions Inc. (WPI)
Products used
Wigluv® 60, Wigluv® 100, 150 & 300

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Problems with the previous city hall building envelope

The previous Lake Oswego City Hall, built in 1986 for about $5 million, had multiple significant building deficiencies identified through several studies.

The building had inadequate drainage and a long history of rain penetrating through the building's envelope (an EIFS cladding system). The water damage to the building envelope was severe enough that targeted maintenance was no longer an option. 

A 2015 assessment found that the building needed a full replacement of windows, doors, EIFS and underlining sheathing and insulation, roof, and repairs to the exterior walls. Additionally, the building's systems such as the HVAC, generator, and elevators needed to be replaced.

A seismic and structural assessment of the building also determined that the structure would not perform well in an earthquake.

In the end, the cost to retrofit the building would compare to the construction of a new facility. In March 2017, the City Council decided to build a new City Hall.

The solution: A building envelope built to last

The City Council made the new city hall's building envelope a key priority after dealing with the water damage problems present in the old building. 

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