Lily Country Club, Norway

The Norwegian hotel building consists largely of prefabricated elements from China. The interaction of SIGA employees on both continents functioned ideally in this construction project. 

Building Location
​Kløfta, Ullensaker, Norway
Project type
Project size
LPO Arkitekter (step 1), Halvorsen & Reine (step 2)
Ergane, PEAB Bjørn Bygg AS 
Products used
Fentrim® 2, Fentrim® 20 50/85, Fentrim® IS 20, Majvest® 700 SOB, Sicrall® 60, Wigluv® 100, 150 & 300, Wigluv® black
«Working with SIGA has been good! Always available by phonesolution orientated, and great products  
Mats Hansen Helander, Foreman, PEAB Bjørn Bygg AS

The Lily Country Club in Kløfta, Norway, is only ten minutes from Oslo Airport. With its spa area and the accompanying 18-hole golf course, it provides relaxation, balance and well-being. 

International approach 

The hotel building consists mainly of prefabricated elements that were delivered from China. Our Fentrim IS window tape was already used in China. The finished building elements were then shipped to Oslo and installed by PEAB Bjørn Bygg SA from Tromsø. 

Perfect cooperation

The interaction of the installer, but also of the various SIGA representatives, came into play in this project. SIGA consultants in Beijing, Oslo and Tromsø participated in this project and orchestrated the use of Fentrim 2, Fentrim 20 50/85, Fentrim IS 20, Majvest 700 SOB, Sicrall 60, Wigluv 100 & 150 and Wigluv black for this construction project. 

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