Dementia village, Switzerland

In this project that is unique across Switzerland, a village for people with dementia is being developed. Because it rained and the roof had to be closed as quickly as possible, a very large Majcoat 350 pre-assembly was used.

“From the simple order to the fast delivery directly onto the building site to the assembly on site – we are very satisfied and saved valuable time with the Majcoat 350 pre-assembly.”
Thomas Wechsler, Managing Director, Dubach Holzbau AG

The largest Majcoat 350 pre-assembly ever created

Carpentry firm Dubach Holzbau AG contacted SIGA and requested a structural calculation for a roof construction with Majcoat 350. The roof was to be closed as quickly as possible in order to remain dry. Because it was a rain-laden spring, it emerged that a specially produced pre-assembly of Majcoat 350 represented the most ideal solution. The huge surface area of 47.5 m x 12.5 m for a Majcoat 350 was a first for SIGA. After various clarifications, the pre-assembly was then punctually delivered to the building site, lifted onto the roof by means of a crane and finally positioned by four carpenters.

Swiss showpiece property according to Dutch model

A central aspect for the builder is to look after and care for people with dementia in the most stress-free environment possible. Everyday life in the village – known as the “Jura-Dorf” – is to be as normal as possible. For the development of this showpiece property, the builder was inspired by the institution “De Hogeweyk” in the Netherlands. The world’s first dementia village, near Amsterdam has been recognised with various national and international awards.

The 1st stage of the first Swiss dementia village started in 2020. The first houses will be ready to be moved into in autumn 2021. The CHF 36 million project will likely be completed at the end of 2024. It offers space for 112 people with a dementia illness. In addition to existing buildings, some of which are listed, various new buildings will characterise the villagescape. Paths similar to streets, squares and seats offer plenty of space for disabled-friendly and obstacle-free movement. In addition to the marketplace, there is a public cafe, a pharmacy, a doctor’s surgery as well as a hairdresser’s shop.

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