HoHo Wien, Austria

The hybrid timber construction building was built with cross laminated timber (CLT). The customer looked for a solution which was self-adhesive, diffusion-open, weatherproof, UV resistant and easy to process. As a result, 29 different custom-made Wigluv variations were processed fully laminated onto the wooden walls.

Building Location
Vienna, Austria
Project type
Commercial, Residential
Project size
25.000 m²
RLP Rüdiger Lainer + Partner
cetus Baudevelopment GmbH
Handler Bau
Products used
Dockskin® 100, Fentrim® IS 20, Wigluv® black, Wigluv®
"We were looking for a material that was weather & UV resistant and easy to work with. SIGA's Wigluv special production was the optimal solution. A key advantage of this product was that we were able to use it for cross-floor bonding." 
Handler Bau GmbH, Neutal

HoHo Wien, the second tallest wooden high-rise building in the world after Mjøstårnet, relies on renewable resources. The proportion of wood on the outside is 75 percent, while the ceilings and walls inside are made of spruce wood. Wood grows back rapidly and binds CO2 – two good reasons to use this raw material everywhere in the future.

All-round sustainability

Even a wooden high-rise building needs a tight building envelope to function sustainably during operation and save heating and cooling energy. And this is exactly where we at SIGA come into play. Our non-toxic membranes and adhesive tapes ensure that, together with sensible insulation, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 80 %.

Our self-adhesive product Wigluv was applied to the outside of the component in a wide range of widths. Since the façade construction (weather protection) is usually only added to the floors on the building site, our customer needed some kind of self-adhesive weather protection to seal and protect the building component.

Diverse requirements, a powerful solution

The solution sought for the HoHo Wien façade had to be self-adhesive (no mechanical protection by wooden slats, for example), diffusible, weatherproof (driving rain-proof), UV-resistant (12 months) and easy to work with. SIGA-Wigluv easily meets all these requirements.

With regard to any possible transport damage caused by lifting the components on the construction site, the customer also liked the fact that he could easily have sealed any existing damage with a Wigluv “plaster”. The bonding across floors, which is possible due to our customer-specific production (slits), was one of the decisive factors for the customer opting for SIGA.

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