Wood Boutique Hotel, Austria

In this wooden building in the centre of Vienna, the walls, ceilings and floors are made from solid wood. The construction protection covering and sealing for the individual elements were achieved with SIGA products.

Building Location
Wien, Austria
Project type
Project size
1 000m²
Katharo Lodges GmbH
DPM Holzdesign GmbH
Products used
Dockskin® 100, Fentrim® IS 2, Rissan®, Rissan® 60, Wigluv® 20/40, Wigluv® 60, Wigluv® 100, 150 & 300, Wetguard® 200 SA
«The new SIGA Wetguard® construction protection cover made wrapping of the modules easier. The self-adhesive film is particularly quick to apply and, owing to the low sd value, also no longer needs to be removed.»
Markus Steiner, Dipl. Ing. Timber Construction Master, DPM Holzdesign GmbH

Prefabricated solid wood elements

The 50 solid wood rooms were prefabricated from solid wood elements in an assembly hall in just 68 days. The interior construction, furnishings and facade were also realised within this period of time. They were then installed floor by floor on the construction site.

In addition to the precisely timed module extension, the limited space on the construction site and the short overnight periods which were available for offloading the rooms constituted a particular challenge. Here, a complete floor - i.e. nine rooms - was put in on the respective floor on each night of work and sealed floor by floor at the same time.

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Efficient wrapping, transportation & installation of the modules with SIGA Wetguard®

We talked to Markus Steiner, Timber Construction Master at DPM Holzdesign GmbH. He and his team were responsible for planning, producing and installing the modules and the timber construction system.

What was the biggest challenge of this project for you and your team?

The high level of prefabrication of the modules – including interior construction, sanitary facilities and timber facade – required an equivalent amount of planning in advance. The tight construction period of five weeks for 18 modules each and the strictly timed installation time of 30 minutes per module were also rather challenging for us.

How was SIGA able to help you with this challenge?

The competent and active advice from our SIGA advisor allowed us to speed up some production steps. Testing of the new SIGA Wetguard® construction cover made wrapping of the modules easier.

For you, what was the main reason why you used SIGA Wetguard® on this construction site?

Wrapping is done significantly more quickly with the self-adhesive film. Unwrapping is not necessary since the construction cover can be left on the module owing to the low sd value. The installation joints simply need to be masked for establishment of the construction cover.

How did you protect the timber modules in the past?

Previously, we packed the modules with unwieldy 10 m wide film and secured this film with boards. On the construction site, we unpacked everything again and created a flat construction cover. This process has now become completely unnecessary.

What do you particularly appreciate about the SIGA products?

The adhesive strength of SIGA products is undiminished even under the worst conditions. There is also no expiry date owing to the adhesive used.

How important is it to you that the SIGA products are completely free from residential toxins?

For us, as an environmentally friendly timber construction and carpentry company with in-house production and sale of patented straw cavity wall insulation, it is very important to build with as little use of solvents and pollutants as possible.

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