New administrative building, Germany

Thanks to the support on the building site from SIGA for this ecological new building, the users were able to work faster and with fewer adhesives.

Building Location
Plochingen, Germany
Project type
Project size
LRO Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei GmbH & Co. KG
Landratsamtes Esslingen (Bundesland Baden Würtemberg)
R+R Schmid GmbH
Products used
Dockskin® 200, Fentrim® 330 grey, Fentrim® IS 2, Fentrim® IS 20
“It was only thanks to the Fentrim adhesive tapes that we met the high quality standards.”
Max Minor, R+R Schmid GmbH

Ecological new building with photovoltaic system and recycled concrete

The five-storey building fulfils high ecological standards. In addition to a green facade, there will also be a photovoltaic system on the green roof. The building is being constructed as energy efficient as possible. Additionally, recycled concrete is being used. The resource-friendly recycled concrete consists of a recyclable aggregate.

Safety and quality central

For the new administrative building, it was important that the highest safety and quality standards be fulfilled. Additionally, the window installer faced these challenges:

  • Challenge 1: The construction time. The windows had to be fitted and connected to be air and windtight within a very short time. To enable a shortening of the construction time, for example, windows were already being fitted in the lower section of the building while concrete was still being laid on the 3rd floor.
  • Challenge 2: A relatively uneven concrete surface. It was additionally necessary to even it out on a selective basis.

The team of window producer R+R Schmid GmbH contacted SIGA. To the team, it was clear: it needed Fentrim adhesive tapes but it also wanted additional guidance and tips on the installation of the flexible high-performance adhesive tapes.

Support on the building site with tips & tricks

A SIGA employee from the Technical Sales division advised the R+R Schmid GmbH team on the building site of the new building on the correct use of the Fentrim products. Using Fentrim IS 2, the outer and driving rain-proof joint was created, which prevented water from penetrating the building site. Safety was thus increased.

To balance out the uneven concrete surface, the team placed SIGA Meltell on the sealant. Additionally, to seal the component joints on the lower joint on the inside, the craftsmen adhered a total of 5 kilometres of Fentrim 330 grey. The slit backing strip allowed the users to apply the adhesive tape more quickly. Here they used fewer adhesives and saved valuable time on the building site.

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